Electrical Panel Standard

 Our electrical panel design and implementation adhere to several standard requirements that must be taken into consideration and accommodated for:
Power and protection section (conveying system control and power panel)
IP of panels should be not less than IP‐65 if not higher degree is required.Panels to be designed with at least 25% additional space for any future expansion.
Under and over voltage protection and reverse phases by using protection relay.

Install local disconnect switch with Lockout on the power cable feed the Motor.

Spaces between components should be considered in accordance with the catalog of each component.

For the conveyors systems according to our understanding of the industry and for better and detailed control of the conveying system the motors will be equipped with a frequency drive, to control motor speed, start & stop smoothly and protect the motor.

Frequency drive protection should be considered in accordance with its catalog manufacturer recommendations.
Install Emergency Switch on two positions “the start and the end of the line”.

Emergency button is to be installed on the door with clear label – and to be easily reachable by operator.

All wires are to be numbered with non-erasable labels.

The power cable enters at the underside of the panel through cable gland.

Control and automation section:

Schneider Indication lamps will be used “Green light to show running and red light to show fault if a drive is Isolated or tripped out”.
Schneider push buttons” start & stop all system” and emergency stop will be used.
Relays will be used.
Power supply 24 VDC should be existed to supply the control system.
Legrand Terminal fuse will be used in the control circuits “24 VDC”.
Siemens, Delta and Allen Bradley PLC will be used, If the project requires
Linking the control system to the SCADA system to facilitate the remote control and monitoring process
The possibility of developing the control process to become wireless and the possibility of controlling it via the Internet
Adding an interactive HMI screen on the control panel to facilitate the operator’s handling and control of transmission lines
Developing the infrastructure of the existing control systems in the old production lines and replacing them with advanced and modern ones